Know Your Jazz Hijabs


   Jazz Fabric and Jazz Hijabs

Hijabs are one of the modest fashion products and they are made from a variety of fabrics. Jazz hijabs are perfect for your everyday mood. They are comfy and provide flexible use. Swan Istanbul Jazz Collections are produced from specially processed fabrics. Check our generous colour palette, we are nearly sure that you will find your shade. 

Jazz Fabric Specifications and Usage Suggestions 

Jazz fabric is specially processed and produced from polyester and/or viskon. Jazz fabric is lightweight and has a floaty structure and feeling. That’s why jazz fabric is favoured for hijab production around the world. Please find the fabric specifications of the Swan Jazz hijabs;

  • Easily takes shape. Durable. Perfect for loose hijabi styles. If you would like to try different hijab styles, Jazz collections are just for you. 
  • With a light and soft texture, jazz hijabs can be used in all seasons. They do not weigh down. Jazz hijabs present comfortable use. 
  • Not sticking to the face.  in summer.
  • Non-slip jazz hijabs take shape easily and provide a smooth posture. It can be easily fixed with hijab accessories such as a needle.
  • Do not cause pilling and cottoniness in long-term use or after washing. Jazz hijabs preserve their first-day beauty.
  • Jazz hijabs could be ironed without steam. However, it is better not to iron crinkle jazz hijabs to help them preserve their textures.  
  • No need to use an under scarf if you are not one for them. Thus, it allows a more flexible and comfortable use without using a bonnet in summer months.

Swan Istanbul Jazzy Jazz Collection

Our Swan Istanbul jazz hijab collection includes pieces that will add elegance to everyday combinations with their eye-catching colors. Light tones such as powder, orange, cream and green, which are easily completed with different clothes, are suitable choices for the summer months. Gray, navy blue, khaki green, dark lilac, smoked or brown shawls are the choice of women in all seasons. Hijabs, which have a patternless design and made of viscose fabric, offer simplicity and quality at the same time.

In Swan Istanbul Jazz Collection we offer our dear valued customers two kinds of jazz hijabs. 

The Jazzy Jazz collection contains rich, soft and slightly heavier hijabs. They are perfect for the winter season. 

Mio Jazz Collection has a much thinner texture. Ideal for warmer seasons. Please check photos to compare both Swan Jazz Collections to find your perfect fit. 

You can easily see our Jazz Collection in detail from here  and add your favourites to your cart. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you have to our lovely customer team!